STAR #474 Manassas, VA

Ride Safety

Motorcycle Group Terms and Definitions

Posted by Wayne Vick on November 28, 2009 at 8:21 PM Comments comments (1)

     Cage: any vehicle that is not a motorcycle, but particularly an automobile.


     Track: This is the portion of a lane in which a rider maintains their position in a group. A lane of traffic is split into five zones: the left track is the second zone from the left, the middle of the lane (generally not used) is the third zone, and the right track is the fourth zone from the left. Two zones on the...

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Lane Changes

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In a group ride all lane changes starts with a request from the Ride Leader to the Tail Gunner. The Tail Gunner will (when it is safe to do so) move into the requested lane to secure the lane and informs the Ride Leader when the lane is clear. At this point, the Ride Leader has three options:


     Simple Lane Change: This is an ordinary lane change, and can be used in most situations. After the Tail Gunner has secured the new lane, the R...

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Group Size

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Depending on the number of participants on a ride, we will break into smaller groups of 6 to 12 riders, each with its own Ride Leader and Tail gunner. All groups will follow the same route and make the same stops. Each group will stay together during the entire ride, meeting up with the other groups at the designated stops. If an individual rider is planning to leave the ride at any time, he must inform his Ride Leader (and Tail gunner) when and where he plans to do so.


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Group Riding Roles

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     Ride Captain: a person who devises group riding rules or guidelines for an organized group ride. And who communicates these guidelines to the group, and who generally plans and lays out group rides. The Road Captain may or may not ride lead for a particular ride.


     Lead Bike: a person who rides in the most forward position in a group and who relays information to all other riders in the group...

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Ride Formations

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Ride Formations

When STAR 474 goes on a group ride we observe a few formations:


     Single File: This is a formation in which all the cyclists in a group ride in one track of a lane. (See Definitions for Track) This ride formation is preferred on a curvy road, under conditions of poor visibility, poor road surfaces, entering or leaving highways, or other situations where an increased space cu...

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