May 2010 Pre-Poker Run May 2010 Pre-Poker Run A STAR Line 5 STAR Chapter cycles. 97531583 Hatchet Briefs Hatchet uses a map to show everyone where they are during the ride brief. 97531587 Stacy Hydrates With Hatchet checking the nutrition information and Laura supervising Stacy holds her container of liquid refreshment and smiles. 97531591 Wayne is Watching Wayne is taking a picture of Tim taking a picture of him. Oh My! 97531592 Capt Rummie Deals Capt Rummie (Brian) deals a card to Hatchet. 97531584 Hatchet & Capt Rumy Capt Rummie fills out Hatchets "Dance Card"... ahh Poker Hand Card. 97531585 Capt Rummie Deals Roger In Capt Rummie deals the final card for Roger. 97531590 Ride Debrief With the few remaining riders at the finish we did a debrief. 97531586 Ride Debrief 2 Same Riders - different angle 97531588 Roger Shags Roger is ready to shag out after the ride 97531589 The Winner Is... John (Prez), and Stacy (Vice) review the hands to identify the winner while Wayne watches a bird fly by and Norm wonders when this will end. 97531593