Memorial Poker Run Memorial Poker Run First Registrations Stacy explains how to participate in the Dealer Drawings at each stop. 97530444 Another Rider Registers Taking his turn John registers another rider while Laura supervises and Wayne looks bored in his baggy jeans. 97530448 Ready to Ride Well?... Let's Ride People! 97530442 Hatchet's Brief(s) Hatchet wows everyone with his ride brief as he prepares to ride the route at the head of several other riders who are going to the same place. 97530449 John's a Happy Camper No Coment 97530447 First group departs With Katchet in the lead the first group prepares to depart. 97530446 Chapter 268 Frederick, MD Arrives Derick led Chapter 268 from Frederick Md to the final stop to register for the drawings. 97530441 First Group Returns The first group of riders arrive at the final stop. 97530445 One Winner picks Another 97530443