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Wayne Vick
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How many times have you been out riding on a cross country ride or even just heading home from work and had showers or storms move in before you could get home? Even if it’s just a sprinkle road spray destroys your visibility. Particularly if you have a windshield. Trying to keep it clear with your gloves just leaves scratches and streaks in the windshield. So do you stop? Do we spend hours waiting for the rain to end and the roads to dry? Stop, yes. Wait, absolutely not. We stop just long enough to gear up and attach our LeWipe Motorcycle Windshield Wiper then get back on the road.


The LeWipe was designed by a biker. It is two small wipers in a plastic frame that provides a spring-like tension against the windshield. A guide at the top ensures you exert minimal attention to placement of the wipers. One wipe clears both sides of the windshield. A spiral tether attached to the handle ensures that the LeWipe stays within reach.


The LeWipe is available for about $30 + shipping at



If you want to risk it you can try to get it a little cheaper on ebay at $20 + shipping


or you could spend $300 + shipping to get a motorized windshield wiper. 


or just drive a car with the windows down.



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Wayne Vick
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Posts: 8

Just to add a note. If your windshield is curved then the LeWipe may not perform at it's best. While the blade is rubber and bends the frame is straight and doesn't. So sections of a wet windshield may not get wiped clear. 

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