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Wayne Vick
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This article was written by Hatchet.

Some were asking about my new CB system that I installed on my Royal Star. Below are the details for those interested.

This system is manufactured by J&M Corporation. Visit

for more information

Part # JMCB-2003-DU CB Audio System (dual operation includes passenger) $280

LPCBA-400 License plate mount CB antenna kit with 4ft antenna. $64

(shorter antenna available.)

HC-PJM 6-pin Lower Cord. $19

JM-HS-DM-HH Slide in style headset for half helmets. $170

JM-JCB03-HBK03 JMCB-2003 mounting bracket. $40

Total shipping costs; $47

Total system cost; $620


There are several decisions necessary to make a system like this work for you. For example;

1. Will you be riding with a passenger?

2. What antenna length do you want? Longer = more range.

3. What type of helmet will your headset go in to?

4. Which mounting bracket works best for you? I bought 3 different mounting brackets, then sent 2 back after determining which would work best for me.

 I would highly recommend contacting Sean Franklin owner of Cycle Gadgets

479-253-3500   877-742-3438

[email protected]

to discuss your particular wants and needs.

After determining the configuration that works best for you, gather the part numbers. I found and purchased 3 of the 5 necessary components on eBay for cheaper than I could get through Cycle Gadgets. On eBay they were offered 20% cheaper by a company called Gear Up, LLC out of Tucson, AZ. You could call Gear Up direct at 520-884-8245, and ask them what they have to offer for the parts you want. Service and shipping were great with both Cycle Gadgets and Gear Up.

I installed the system myself and it took me ~12 hours, but I’m sure it can be done in much less time. Everything works as promised. Caution: do NOT connect wires directly to the battery.

Good luck, and be safe,

Hatchet - Ride Captain, Manassas 474


If you would like to join us by installing a CB Radio but are unsure of what to do or how, ask for help. I'll bet there are 3 or 4 members that would schedule some time to help you install the radio. I would!

Wayne Vick

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