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Wayne Vick
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If you ride a Venture or another bike with pressurized front forks you know that the front fork pressure is usually rated for 0 to 7 lbs psi. Until recently I've kept it a 0 lbs or just a spurt of air. Unfortunately, every attempt to balance the pressure in the left and right fork has been futile and getting it balanced is important to the handling and stability of the bike. Air pumps don't have a graduated measure small enough to make it exact.

I recently found a solution. I got a Progressive Suspension Gauge-Mounted Micro Pump (0 - 30 psi). They offer several different sizes up to 0 to 300 psi. The connector has a positive pressure stem that prevents leaking when attaching or detaching. A hand pump applies air in small amounts and a relief valve allows for near exact matching of pressure.

Shop online for the best prices. They vary widely from $39 to up to $70. With shipping mine cost $39.73

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